Donna’s expertise and experience was invaluable. Her advice created an alternative perspective that changed how I viewed challenges and turned them into rewards. I am more proactive due to Donna’s tuition and will continue to use her expertise.

Shane Kavanagh
Building Consultant

Donna Preedy initially joined us in a role of one-on-one consultancy to help get the best out of our management and sales staff. We have seen an almost instant positive change in our day to day operations, and as such we have been further utilising her considerable sales expertise and experience in our Sales Team meetings. By fine-tuning our Sales Approach as a team, and really focusing on value for our customers, Donna is not only paving the way to more sales, but also helping us strengthen our customer relationships while we do it. I can highly recommend using Donna Preedy’s services to anyone wanting to bring a boost to their business!

Jon Deaker
WA State Sales Manager
Espresso Essential WA

Thank you Donna for this follow up email.

I would like to start firstly by saying you helped me to recognise areas in my life that were just going along uncared for until now.

Prior to seeing you I was really starting to have trouble with my focus and planning, flitting from one job to the next without much plan in place.

I now feel like I’m back on track and the same successful sales and marketing executive I was in the past.

This month I was behind on my budget by over $10,000 and feeling really unsure about where I was possibly going to be able to find that kind of money. Since the course I have been able to get back on track and received a booking late last week for $11,200!

Luck? I don’t think so!

Thank you Donna. I’ll be back!
Kindest Regards,
Lisa Newman
Account Executive

As a skeptic I was unsure if this could help with my fear of flying.However after I took on a job in the mines that was fly in fly out I was ready to try almost anything. I used to be unable to eat, drink or get any rest when I flew- the anxiety was overbearing. Now for the first time after only one session with you I actually fell asleep on my last flight!


A big thank you for helping me quit smoking. I haven’t smoked for over a month and for the first time since trying to stop I don’t miss it! You have extended my life expectancy by years, and not only that I feel so much more positive and in control of my life


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