Focus groups

For a business to run effectively it is generally agreed amongst business owners that communication between staff, management, departments and clients is key. But what do people really mean when they say this. The interpretation is broad, as communication means different things to different people. It can even mean different thing on different days.

What Donna offers is a workshop with an edge. The purpose is to discover what it means to communicate in others values. When we talk in term of what is important to the other person they are more receptive to fulfilling our requests

In this focus group you will learn how to do this with a hands on approach. Each individual is given the opportunity to break down a current example of someone they would like to communicate more effectively with. This can be internal within the business or a client. Once the principles are brought to the conscious they can be replicated in any situation or scenario.

This is a highly valuable workshop that will assist you and your staff in their professional and personal lives. This will enhance communication as staff and management communicate in each others values. This will assist with staff retention, reduction in customer complaints and increase of efficiency with resolving complaints. In a sales this will increase the closing ratio and generally encourage a happier workplace. Weather you currently have communication issues or would simply love to take something great and make it better, then this workshop is for you.