About Donna

Donna was educated at a private girl’s school in Perth, Western Australia. While Donna was unclear on her vision, her education allowed her to mingle with different walks of life. Donna discovered she was a people person and couldn’t wait to get out there into the big world to connect with more people and provide a service.

After leaving school Donna ventured into the Sales Industry. In her first year Donna earned six figures. She thought life couldn’t get better! Then they reassessed her contract and Donna lived her life on commission only, which as we know, is a challenge. This drove Donna to work harder & smarter.

Donna’s turning point was when she thought an amazing sales opportunity was for her – she had worked hard to pick up this opportunity and was turned down. The unravelling of frustration unfolded and Donna left the company.

Donna took time out to reassess her life. She wondered what was important to her. During her ‘time out’ phase, she was inspired to continue providing a service. Her direction changed slightly, instead of doing the sales, she felt with the skills and knowledge she held, she would love to inspire sales staff.

Our perceptions in life hold us back. Just like in Donna’s life she will assist you with your perceptions and turn them into reality. Never settle for second best is Donnas motto.